The Story of Bodyshire

Food has three major components : Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins. Yet, you get to eat loads of varieties that comprise only these three components. Then you might be wondering why one is healthy and the other is called the villain of the food world.
Talking of villains, now lets watch a movie. Technically I cannot provide you with a video, but lets hear the story.

In a village called Bodyshire, there is a factory called “The Digestives & Metabol Ltd“. The manager of the factory is an intellectual from a big business school, multi talented and hard-working, like the old and wise guy. His name is Mr Brainy. The factory gets its raw materials from a company called “The Veggies & Co“. These are the good guys. The supplies from this company are of high quality and using these, the factory makes a continuous supply of energy to the entire village and the factory itself. These raw materials kept the factory running smooth.

Then came the bad guys, “The Junkies“. They supply the raw materials that are cheesy, sugary and fatty. They looked fancy, attractive, and delightful. The wise old manager somehow got allured by The Junkies and started to buy these instead of the old ones as The Junkies bribed Mr Brainy with gifts and complements like indulgence, enjoyment and pleasure to fulfill his needs like craving. This slowly began to destroy the factory and the village because of the poor quality of raw materials and the pollutants released by the factory.

Soon the big guys came in, detected the problem and started to take control over the village as the village cannot function on its own because of malfunctioning like diabetes, and failure of heart, an important office in the village. The big guys can only help the village for mere functioning and after a few years the village dies as the big guys fail to help the village get out of this situation.

Phew, this can be a Pixar’s next animated movie. Just Kidding 😀

By now you might have understood what I had been trying to say. This is the story of the village Bodyshire. There are many Bodyshires. I am a Bodyshire, you are a Bodyshire, we all are. Let us not leave our Bodyshire to collapse in that way.

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